6 Sep 2012

Mall-Walkers at ArcadeCardiff

Freya Dooley/ Mall-Walkers: Works in Progress
Closing event/ Saturday 22nd September 4-7pm
In residence 11th-22nd September. Visitors are welcome Wednesday- Saturday, though hours vary. ArcadeCardiff, Queens Arcade
The purpose of the Shopping Centre is evolving, becoming a social commodity within city communities. These are transient spaces that see a flux of daily activity from visitors who are not there to shop necessarily, but to meet and converse and get their teeth whitened. During this eleven day project, I will draw emphasis on spaces where people wait, meander and congregate, and intimate acts are made public. Using both observation and intervention, I will be drawing, eavesdropping and recording the interactions of others. The works produced during my occupancy of ArcadeCardiff will be created on-site, and exhibited in a closing event on Saturday 22nd September. https://sites.google.com/site/arcadecardiff/ The title of the project is taken from the American trend of 'Mall Walking'. Mall Walking is a popular American recreational activity. Groups of people gather weekly at their local mall which opens especially in order for the participants to walk a repetitive loop around the empty shopping centre for an hour or two and exercise socially. "I hate the thought of malls disappearing from our culture. Yes, they have contributed to decreasing the individual flavor of our nation’s regions, homogenizing our personal styles, teaching us to focus on instant gratification, and increasing our spending, but they also offer some social and recreational aspects that big box stores seem to lack. Why not take an outing to your local mall one night and rediscover all it has to offer?" Shannon Christman. Blogger, Mall Walker and Retail enthusiast. 2007 Arcadecardiff is an Arist-led project in Cardiff city centre. Click the website to see what they're about: http://www.arcadecardiff.co.uk