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Photo: Stuart Whipps

Eastside Projects presents A Demonstration of Possibilities, an exhibition by Sophie Bullock, Freya Dooley and Sebastian Jefford in Flatfile, a plan-chest sited permanently within the gallery.
A Demonstration of Possibilities takes the language of instruction to convert Flatfile into an interactive space for listening, touching, reading and watching. Sophie, Freya and Sebastian present a collaboratively developed whole work made of video, text and sculptural components, in which they respectively specialise.

The display of Sebastian’s tool-like works mimics museum handling collections. These na├»ve forms shaped in contemporary materials appear as functional objects for potentially unknowable or absurd uses. Taking a hypnotherapists’ script as a starting point Freya have developed sound and text works that, through a series of repetitious instructions, invite the viewer to visualise a series of imaginative scenarios. Her audio and text pieces work together and against each other so that when encountered simultaneously fractures appear in an otherwise mesmeric narrative. Sophie’s three video works repurpose footage from archival instructional videos. To create these works she followed instructions from Freya’s script; the collages that result bear little relation to the simple messages of these once informative videos.

Throughout September Sophie, Freya and Sebastian have been undertaking GO West, an ESP residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall. GO West gives artists from Spike Island Associates (Bristol), ESP (Eastside Projects, Birmingham) and WARP (G39, Cardiff) time and space to develop new ideas, connections and networks by spending time working together.

This is the fifth iteration of Flatfile, a project initiated as a platform for participants to make new connections through the development of new work.

Photo: Stuart Whipps

Photo: Stuart Whipps

o p e n y o u r e y e s, Giclee prints, 2013

If you always do what you always did, Giclee print, 2013

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