Rest Forever in The Sun

Made in Roath Festival, Roath Park
October 16th 2011

Rest Forever in the Sun was an anonymous act of remembrance for a person, Dorothy Russell, whom I never knew.

These benches are a place to rest, remember and reconnect. Much like grave, those who dedicated the benches to someone they knew and loved may no longer be able to be visit.

We typically consider black to be the colour of mourning. For me, Red signifies life and longevity. In China, a name written in red signifies their death- obituraries are often written in red ink. Red is also the colour of celebration and loylaty. In Africa, red is the colour of mourning.

A bell is rung, an indication of a three hour silence. The area is meticulously washed, scrubbed, chipped, sanded, cleared of mould, debris, chewing gum, patted dry. Carefully painted with clear varnish- signs of life and experience not erased completely but preserved in this space. The bell is rung again.

20 minutes later a man sits and enjoys a yoghurt on the Memorial for Dorothy Russell.

Photographs by Beth Scaplehorn and Sean Olsen